Six Satisfying Singer Songwriter Tracks – #MusicMondayMarathon

These six tracks you will find satisfying for their style and substance. We kept coming back to them, bobbing our heads. Check out why to get things going with today’s #MusicMondayMarathon.

Sam James – “Love Hangover”
-We’ve all been in that place where you’re so into somebody that you just can’t think straight. Smiling like a goof with stars in your eyes. But what happens when that wears off? What happens when you’re not feeling that drunk love? This song is about that concept. It’s also a really cool pop rock jam for fans of John Mayer or even Dave Matthews. It has that kind of vibe to it.

Emma Taylor – “New Found Sound”
-Taylor’s songwriting might make you think of two other Taylors… James Taylor and Taylor Swift. Yeah, I went there. But it’s a kind of pop acoustic songwriting that really works. It feels really rooted and strong. I can picture this song working well for a soundtrack; it really tells the story of a confident woman. It’s not an anthem in a musical sense, but it has that same kind of motivational feel to it. Interesting stuff.

Lucy Mair – “Oh Love”
-Lucy Mair is a really talented jazz singer songwriter. Her style is smoky and inspiring. The easy comparison here is Amy Winehouse. That said, Mair’s vocal is even more delicious in my opinion because it feels true to jazz itself. There are not the superfluous pop elements that artists like Winehouse do to give jazz more of that mass appeal. Instead, Mair just croons out a love story for someone and it’s enough to give the listener chills.

Jonathan Freeman – “Something New”
-Freeman’s description compares him to some really solid singer songwriters, but really the one I am reminded of here is Oscar Isaac. It’s really a wonderfully comforting style of folk songwriting. The concept of “going mad for something new” really does seem to embody the spirit of Greenwich Village. I find the song to be wholly inspiring.

Leo – “You Brought Me Home”
-If you like folk singer songwriters, you’re on the right website. But besides that, Leo is your new favorite. The song is simple in a sense and really well executed. It’s about the value of a meaningful relationship, that person who makes you feel safe. The lead vocal is beautifully delivered and the backing harmonies are perfectly balanced. It’s a delight, sincerely.

Rachel Price – “Falling Off the Earth”
-Some of you will be familiar with the Rachel Price of Lake Street Dive fame, but this is not her. Nevertheless, this Price is talented as well. Also having jazz as a calling card, Price can sing with emotion and real energy. This song dances along the line of conventional jazz and pop music. It’s not the dusky jazz we often feature, but maybe something you’d expect from Hailey Reinhart and/or Casey Abrams. Good stuff, for sure.

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