EP Review: Delafaye – The Hilltop – #MusicMondayMarathon

Delafaye is one of those acts that have a next level of gravitas to their music. They just sound like they come from another place and they’re here to sing for us. From the opening of this album, I found myself drawn into the incredible lines and sheer coolness of the album.

The opener “Time and Money” has a kind of alt rock style to it. It feels to me like it flies low, just above the ground, dangerous but thrilling. It’s cool and comfortable in all the right ways. The vocal really sells it for me, enough scratchy to feel raw but enough polish to feel smooth. And who among us can’t relate to the delcate balance of time and money?

“Rain” is another relaxing track. The focus is about more than the weather. The guitars tease each other throughout the track, almost perpendicular in the way that they go in different directions working toward the same ultimate end. The lyrics are harder to discern on this one, but it’s a kind of melancholy tale.

The third track “Dreamers” is a really interesting structure. The glowing guitars really do it for me, even if the main melody is difficult to follow sometimes. The overall chill vibe of the piece makes it really enjoyable. I can’t help but wonder if the “Dreamer” sentiment is actually ironic. “I’m a dreamer babe and I don’t stand a chance.” Been there, man. The final track “Thinkin’ of you” is nearly a country song about loneliness and wanting to be with someone he loves. The vocal on this one seems to be intentionally unpolished, but it works for the grungy country atmosphere the song depicts.

All told, I find Delafaye’s music to be rewarding. It’s satisfying to hear these types of songs. You get the impression that they would make music regardless of who is listening. There are country and rock influences thick and fast on the album, but part of why we decided to cover them is because they have that uniqueness factor, too. There’s real artistry here and I’m looking forward to more tracks like “Time and Money” for the next album.

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