Some Indie Pop for your Nightcap – #MusicMondayMarathon

Indie pop is a fun genre that usually involves people making upbeat melodies with some chipper harmonies to go with it. It stands in juxtaposition with the sometimes-brooding indie rock sounds that feel a little more ominous. But indie pop doesn’t have the bubblegum giddiness of some commercial pop or the devastating soul invasion of the top 40. No, it’s a lighter, harmonic pop that you’ll enjoy. If you like one of these tracks, consider sharing the article with a friend.

Heart Years – “The Great Fades”
-Do you feel that energy? It’s so light and refreshing. The harmonies and synths are particularly captivating on this track. It feels both epic and accessible at the same time. It’s a joyfully envigorating kind of music. The lyrics highlight the complications of a relationship with beauty and grace.

Sawyer – “Easy Now”
-From the moment you click play on this track, you’ll feel like you’ve heard it before. The nearest comparison I can come up with is Bear’s Den. That said, this is a really enjoyable chill vibe. It makes me want to put my feet up and just let life come at me. It’s such a subtly subversive message in the midst of a hectic and incessant culture. The message seems to be about a relationship, but the impetus to slow down is a welcome one.

Satellite Stories – “Radiant”
-Ostensibly indie rock, I’m putting this track here with this indie pop collection because it has all the trappings of the genre. The uptempo, positive vibes are just exquisite. I find the track has an overall inspiring ethos to it. The lyric “you’re so radiant – guide me through the darkest land” is really great. I love how the harmonies are so tight that it feels perfectly put together. It’s what I’ve always enjoyed about bands like Coldplay with a fresh new energy.

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