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Goodness gracious the voting has been exciting for the past several contests. Thank you so much for participating. If you’re just here to pump up one of these artists, welcome! But we’d really love if you gave them all a listen. Who knows – maybe you’ll find someone else to like too.

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JEJ – “Lovesick”
-If new soul music is your thing, give JEJ a listen. His runs are clean and really well put together. His overall style is full of, well, soul. If you’re a fan of the classics like Luther Vandross, you really need to give JEJ a listen. This composition has all of the classic elements you want in a good soul track but the vocal takes center stage… and frankly steals the show.

Opal Staples – “So Beautiful”
-We don’t talk about “pedigree” and background much around here. We like to let the music speak for itself in that regard. However, before you finish the first phrase on this track you’ll be asking WHO IS THAT GIRL? She is, basically, the next generation of the Staples Sisters. This is what soul music sounds like… and it steals my heart every time I listen to this captivating track.

Aidan and the Wild – “Up from the Ashes”
-If you like folk music (which most of you do, statistics say), then you’ll like this one. It’s a rolling, cool harmonic folk piece. The vocals are just soft and inviting enough to pull you into the song overall. More than anything, though, I just like the peaceful easy feeling of the song. I think you’ll like it, too.

AMZY – “Sorry (Not Sorry)”
-If you like a good uptempo rock song with pop overtones, AMZY is your trick. It’s such a fun track, putting me in mind of a kindler, gentler Green Day. It really throws the sound back to the golden age of pop punk when bands like Good Charlotte were regularly topping the charts. That said, the song stands on its own both for snarky lyrics and a good hook-laden melody. 10/10 will listen again.

Aura Blaze – “It’s a Ride”
-I just shared this one personally “classic psych rock for fans of Tame Impala.” That about sums it up, really. I enjoy the energy of this track. I appreciate how well it situates itself in a classic niche genre while still feeling fresh. The guitars are perfectly vintage and the vocal matches it. If you didn’t tell the listener, people would swear this was a hidden track from the early 70s.

Catholic Action – “Doing Well”
-This is a super catchy alt rock tune from Glasgow-based Catholic Action. Whether it’s the building chromatic chord structure or the uptempo groove, the whole song is just made to be a hit. It’s a sound that draws easy comparison to The Strokes. The central sentiment of the song – infatuation and satisfaction – is a great place to be.

BJ Wilbanks – “I can’t help it”
-Cool blues define the sound of BJ Wilbanks. His voice has just the right kind of weathered to make his lyrics it believable. The full composition with guitar, backing vocals, and rhythm groove works really well. A touch of Leon Bridges and maybe some hints of Marc Broussard, Wilbanks has a fantastic blues sensibility. I just believe the guy.

Sydney Robinson – “Lorelei”
-This song captivates and enchants me. It’s like the character in a book who, no matter how many times you read the lines over and over, you can’t quite picture her. You don’t know whether to hate her or love her but the author made you care so damn much you keep trying to figure it out. Except it’s a song. Except that the ambient folk style gets your hairs to stand on end and the vocal makes you want to get coffee with her and ask how she does it. How do you make me feel this way? And what kind of poetry are you reading? Because it’s Friday and it’s cold outside, so I’ve probably read that one, too.

Polaroid Summer – “The Giant”
-This has to be a hit, right? I mean it’s got all the elements of a superb rock song. It has that big arena rock inspirational song. It makes you want to run through a brick wall. The way the vocals bounce off of the dynamics of the pop rock flavor, the song just works. It amps me up, frankly.

Yoke Lore – “World Wings”
-My note for these guys says “epic indie pop.” I still agree with that assessment; this is a bangin song. I mean, the vocals are to die for and the energy in the beat is just contagious. It’s a real powerful song, too, inspiring a sense of togetherness and transcendent power. I love this kind of stuff and am so glad it found its way to ETTG.

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