New Music Friday – Episode 39 – Vote in the poll to decide who wins a full album review!

These NewMusicFriday lists are so much fun to put together and we really appreciate you all coming to vote. If you’ve never been here before, we’d love for you to listen to each song and vote for your favorite at the bottom. If one of the artists sent you, that’s great, but we’d love if you listened to a few of the others to find something new. Our goal, as always, is to help bands find new fans and help fans find great new music.

EBSON – “Red”
-From the charming British accent to the deep soulful vocal, EBSON is a unique act well worth your time. It’s almost cinematic in its scope. The song “Red” pulls the listener up and out of your seat. It’s grandiose and moving.

Patrick Gardiner – “Riverside Remark”
-The elements of this song are interesting, a rolling fingerpicked guitar meets an often-spoken lead vocal. There’s something that reminds me of Kevin Devine. Overall it’s a sound that is satisfying and gripping. It’ll have you thinking about existence and survival. It doesn’t give you much of a choice.

Samuel Larsen – “Blue”
-This track is listed as “alternative” but I’m going to call it soul. LISTEN TO THAT SOUL. I mean sure there are some rock elements, but it’s so good. The beat reminds me of that sort of timeless mid-20th century soulful rock sound. I could groove to this all day. The bluesy sentiment in the song, combined with some nice guitar licks, makes for a tasty treat all the way through.

Myfever – “Golden”
-Every once in a while we get a submission that blows me away with total originality. I can’t think of anyone with this sound that Myfever has on their track “Golden.” It’s part punk rock, part big arena rock, and a ton of evident energy. The lyrics highlight a sense of uncertainty and longing, which works nicely.

Joe Holt – “My Irish Cleopatra”
-This is an incredible song with exceptional guitar work. I can’t help but think of The Tallest Man on Earth when I listen to Joe Holt’s stylish guitar and composition. It’s so endearing and pulls me right into the song. The lyrics are at times a little quirky, but it comes together really nicely with the overall feel of it. It’s classic folk.

CAAMP – “Misty”
-If you like banjos, you’ll love this song. But once you get passed the great banjo line, you’re immediately hit with a vocal from someone who’s been smoking for longer than your grandparents have been alive. I mean I joke, but the truly unique smoky quality in this vocal wins the day for me. The overall folk sensibility of this track is almost more than I can process. I learn something new about the world with each new listen.

Whatsgood – “Schwifted”
-This downtempo jazz-influenced track is really appealing. There’s a nice groove about 50 seconds in that I find deeply refreshing. I could picture this track accompanying me for work or reading, or just to watch the world go by. It’s chill.

Emily Lockett – “It’s Just Love”
-You’ll think of one iconic singer before making it 10 seconds into this track; Taylor Swift. Emily Lockett has crafted a really intriguing pop song here about love and acceptance. Anyone who endured those difficult, conflicted teen years can relate to this sound. The quality on the vocal is undeniable. Lockett is a songwriter to follow.

Companyon – “0 Closure”
-This is an interesting, genre-bending track. I hear elements of indie rock, folk rock, and even some passionate electro rock here. That said, the deep sense of connection and desperation comes through the track from start to finish. The vocal harmonies are sneaky in their appeal, blending so cogently that they seem like the song couldn’t exist without them. Excellent.

Prelow – “Guitar Beat”
-Matt always finds the trendy ones, and this one is really a cool vibe. It’s such a danceable groove, you’ll find yourself moving along here. Whether you call it indie rock or just plain old alt rock, it’s a vibe that’s worth your time. If I had a college rock station, I’d put this bad boy on rotation.

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