#MusicMondayMarathon – If rock is your thing, we gotcha covered!

Rock music is one of the ties that bind us here at ETTG. We get more rock submissions than nearly any other genre, so we have to really tighten the screws on these. You know when they make it here, they’re great stuff. Enjoy!

Room and Board – “Magazine of the Universe”
-There’s probably some really hip indie rock band I could drop here as a comparison, but really Room and Board have a unique sound that is all their own. The tone on the guitars puts me in mind of someone like Elvis Costello. Really the full sound is reminscent of art rock with a driving punk-based beat.

The Jacks – “Wings”
-Baby, who do you think that you are? I love this lyric and the entire composition. This is what rock sounds like in my head, honestly. It’s just gritty enough, but the harmonies are great. The pace really moves along and would be fantastic for a road trip sound track. The relational tension at the heart of the song is something all listeners can understand and appreciate.

The Fangs – “Bad Side”
-Once you get past the sampled vocal recording at the opening, the song opens into an anthemic pop rock track complete with some really great chromatic chord changes. You could make comparisons to Twentyone Pilots or even pop rockers like Weezer from years ago, but no matter what you hear the harmonies are solid. The clapping style of the song is a trigger for audience participation. Heck, I’m dancing here as I write this.

Milo Greene – “I Know About You”
-If you’re a consistent reader of ETTG, you know these cats well. Milo Greene are an exceptional rock band that we love to cover. This song is no different. Enjoy the ominous tones as they build into a cathartic true rock feel. Let the darkness move you, friends.

BRAVES – “Catch Me”
-This is, pure and simple, a hit song. Right now it has 1200 some plays on Soundcloud, but it’s bound for success. If I had a radio station, I would play this every hour. It’s a fantastic song that’s inspiring and massive. The balance of the electro elements and anthemic rock elements are perfect for our musical historical moment. Besides all that, it’s just a really enjoyable listen.

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