#MusicMondayMarathon – Give the People What They Want!

Okay so the first rule of journalism school (that I didn’t attend) is that you shouldn’t bury the lead. Make sure you tell the reader the important thing right away. So here’s the important thing: WE WANT TO GIVE YOU MORE MUSIC TODAY.

Give the people what they want – MORE MUSIC! Follow our hashtag #MusicMondayMarathon for MORE MUSIC all day.

Sasha – “Gracious”
-Take some luxurious electro sounds and gently lay over intimate vocals. That’s Sasha’s music. This track takes the virtue of graciousness and explores it sonically. It’s prayerful and beautiful. Listen to it alone or with a good book of poetry; in any event this is a delight.

The Arcadian Wild – “Envy Green”
-If you’re a fan of bucolic folk harmonies, you will love this band. I compare them with the sweeter elements of Nickel Creek. The vocals are crystalline and the picking is perfection. This is not the last you’ll hear from The Arcadian Wild on ETTG, that I promise!

Coyote – “Dirty Work”
-If you’re a fan of Queens of the Stone Age, you’ll dig on this Coyote tune. It’ll get your blood flowing and your feet moving. It’s a really exciting and engaging pure rock track. There are electronic elements to it, but the driving rhythm and dynamic vocals put it solidly in the rock world.

The Anchor Collective – “Pocketknife”
-If you’re a fan of Gungor, this track from Anchor Collective will tickle your fancy. The song rolls around nicely as a pop rock thought piece. It comments on some curious questions about life, all while providing deceptively complex guitar work in the background and a soothing lead vocal. It’s a cool song and I’ll be keeping an ear out for this band in the future.

Jarvis – “Free Advice”
-Well if you like the blues, you gotta give this guy a listen. Reminding me a bit of a Marc Broussard type, the cool and moving blues here are really exciting. I particularly love the seasoned-but-fresh character in the lead vocal. The horns are a nice touch and the full band really makes this one pop. I’d love to hear this live!

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