Beautiful Acoustic Singer Songwriter Music

We love people who can make beautiful music with a guitar and vocals. There are a million different styles and genres, so we put a variety here for you. Do take the time to click on the artists if you like what they’re doing and give them a follow on their social media. They’d sure love to sing for you at a show some time. Do enjoy, dear friends.

Megan Barbera – “Tonight Will Be Fine”
-Connoisseurs of folk music will recognize this as an old Leonard Cohen song. But what makes this performance so unique is the sweetness of Barbera’s own voice. It feels like a familiar and delightful song. One imagines it sung as easily at a honkytonk or a campfire. It feels just right.

Luke Sital-Singh – “Killing Me”
-We aren’t supposed to play favorites, but let’s just say that I’m really looking forward to this full album. The cutting emotionalism of this track is really stunning to me. It’s the kind of contemplative, almost prayerful lyric, that really grips at the soul. Sital-Singh has that rare quality of delivering each lyric as if it’s his last. Beautiful.

George Ogilvie – “Foreign Hands”
-This is a powerful, moving song. We’ve covered Ogilvie in the past and it’s really clear that he’s growing as a songwriter. He’s always had a penchant for a good melody, but it’s really evolving here. This song packs a real punch in terms of pop folk power. The song is really about empathy and love to a breathtaking extent.

Dan Clews – “Mountain”
-Clews is a really talented songwriter and “Mountain” shows us a bit of that talent. From the chromatic chord changes to the tight harmonies, this is a really incredible song. It’s so good I put it on my song of the year list right now. The tight composition is only surpassed by the song’s own sense of immenseness. The song builds around this great tension until the bridge cuts right through it with an intimate acoustic break that works really, really well.

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald – “Temptation”
-It’s not every submission that I write “stunning singer songwriter” in my notes, but I did for this one. You can hear his emotion on each lilting expression. His clarity and style remind me a bit of Ben Abraham. This composition has just enough pop optimism to keep us around, all while packing more than the usual pop punch. It’s a really fascinating song about the trials of making a relationship work out. Not that any us can relate to that concept…

Drew Erwin – “Superhero”
-Drew Erwin’s vocal style is a lament, it’s a ploy for everyone to listen. Whoever he’s singing to is on the receiving end of a mortally heartfelt message. He feels and bleeds every word. That’s what makes this composition so powerful. It’s more than the blues; it’s a crying out of desire and sadness, of bitterness and pain. The sonic style builds with pop inflections and chord progressions, but ultimately it’s just an honest expression of the soul.

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