5 Tips to finding the best DJ headphones in 2018

Finding good pair of quality DJ headphones requires a great deal of patience, and you must be picky. DJ headphones are designed to offer users a far better listening experience compared to ordinary headphones. Sadly, the market is so saturated with terrible DJ headphones that it sometimes becomes difficult to make the right choice.


If you’ve been dying to but some pimped-up DJ headphones for the longest time, there are several exquisite brands you could choose from. The best DJ headphones ought to sport some unique characteristics – you can’t just choose the prettiest headphones you see in the store.


Here are 5 tips to finding the best DJ headphones in 2018:



  • Type of headphones



If you want to buy a decent pair of headphones, simply walk into any store and pick the first ones you find. But if your wish is to purchase some astounding DJ headphones with just the right bomp, pick from among the top brands in the market. The Sennheiser HD 202 II, for instance, is a superb pair of DJ headphones that you can acquire at a competitive price.



  • Noise isolation



The headphones you choose must have good noise isolation capabilities. Otherwise, you’ll keep on increasing the volume of your headphones via the mixer in an attempt to block out the loud club speaker sound. It’s never a good idea to increase your headphone volume to unbearable levels – you’ll end up destroying your eardrums in the process. Therefore, your preferred DJ headphones should keep you isolated from external chatter. Don’t go for anything mediocre.



  • Comfort and durability



If you’d prefer to get a pair of solid headphones that will last for ages, don’t consider the price tags too much. Some DJ headphones utilize flexible headbands to reduce rapid wear-and-tear. However, others simply use rigid, cushioned headbands. Look for a pair that is comfortable to wear. Some poorly designed DJ cans hurt your skull after about an hour of using them, so try out several headphones before settling for one. Fun fact: the size of your ears will determine whether your headphones will need an earpad replacement or not.



  • Wireless/wired headphones



Wired headphones are great, but you’ll have to deal with a certain length of wire. This cord can either be straight or coiled, with a length of about 10 feet depending on the type of DJ headphone you go for. Wireless headphones, on the other hand, don’t have any wire attached to them. Therefore, you have more freedom to move around and dance your head off. These headphones utilize advanced technologies such as Bluetooth, making them a tad pricier.



  • Your lifestyle



Are you into sports and fitness? Or maybe you travel a lot – there’s an array of DJ headphones to fit your particular lifestyle. If you’re a gamer who loves to get entirely immersed in the game, the over-ear headphones with virtual multi-channel surround features will suit you perfectly. For the sports and fitness junkies, get a pair of lightweight, water-resistant headphones. If you travel frequently, get foldable wireless headphones that you can carry around with ease.


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