Two Tracks from Kiss the Thief – Winners of #NewMusicFriday Episode 23

Kiss the Thief are a chill indie rock band from Shrewsbury, UK. Their style is entertaining, with a little bit of blues and a bunch of swagger. Here are two of their songs as they are a truly emerging young band.

“Ordinary Guy” has a nice syncopated blues style to it. The guitar style comes across like a cool, timeless style. The vocal works really well, highlighting the lyrics about a broken relationship. He’s pleading his case with great earnestness, as the blues are wont to do. I really appreciate how the bridge literally connects the rest of the song with just enough change in the style to connect the pre-bridge chill with the post-bridge “kiss my ass” sentiment.

“Friday Night” is the track that won this young band their feature on our site. We love the overall style here. Again the guitars glow nicely, but beyond that the energy of the music itself seems to transcend the track. The vocal delivers careful lyrics really well, encouraging one to really listen to the fast moving storyline. Anyone who has ever had a shifty Friday night, patching together awkward relationships, can connect with this track.

All told the band has a sound that is familiar enough to feel right, but is fresh enough to keep you wondering where it will shift next. The musicianship is top class and the songs really work. I’m looking forward to hearing more from these guys.

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