Quick Hit: Indie pop singer songwriter Alex Kramer

Alex Kramer has a cool pop songwriting style. His writing draws you into the stories that he tells. The production is top quality and the overall feeling is that you just want to hear more.

“Loving You Is Easy”
-There are some nice Billy Joel style piano elements to this song that get your head really bobbing. The sound is vintage but really refreshing. It makes you wonder how many of the bands in the top 40 today could really pull off this kind of genuine instrumentation and performance. Kramer fuses together earlier eras, layering over the nostalgic sound a lyrical style that has an introspective focus surrounding a relationship. In other words, these are his thoughts about someone else. It really can get in your head both sonically and lyrically.

“Chill in My Bones”
-With a slow, melodic but bluesy style, “Chill in My Bones” marches along like a New Orleans funeral procession. The lyrics reflect a complicated allegorical sentiment. It seems like it could be about several different things. But the point remains the same that this is intriguing pop music. As the song picks up, using elements of old blues and traditional Americana to express eerie sincerity.

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