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As we continue to develop these New Music Friday playlists, it becomes increasingly difficult to decide who can make the cut. There’s a ton of great music out there. Maybe you’ve even sent us one of your tracks. We’re working on it, honestly. But what we’re hoping is that a culture forms around this contest. We’re hoping that people enjoy the process of listening to these ten unique tracks and making a pick; who is your favorite? Pick them, share them, and follow them. It’s rewarding! Trust us, we know.

Scott Quinn – “Delicate”
-If you’re a fan of Dallas Green aka City and Colour, you’ll find a lot to enjoy with Scott Quinn’s sound. There’s a real energy to the recording, both atmospheric and purely melodic. The sound feels comforting but also compels me in unpredictable ways. It begs that we think about how delicate we are. So true.

The Middle Ground – “Never Needed Me”
-This is a powerful indie rock jam by the emerging rock act The Middle Ground. Every once in a while I hear something that really makes waves and these guys can do that. The beat drives the song but the vocals are on point throughout. The song is a bit of a lament, but moves along nicely. They remind me a bit of a band called Graffiti 6 that we covered a few years back. I could jam to this all freaking day.

Folk is People – “Crocodile”
-I almost don’t know what to do with Folk is People other than to just enjoy the music. The whole damn thing is just so good I can’t really put it into words. The vocal is clear and captivating, the melody reminds me of a sort of timeless rock sound, yet the composition feels really fresh. The production is great, the lyrics are ponderously complex, and the entire production reminds me something my especially trendy friends would listen to at the coffeeshop. What do you think, yo?

Cattle & Cane – “7 Hours”
-Okay I love this song. I mean sometimes you just connect with a song and this one really gets me going. I sat listening to it the first time with my cursor on my cousin’s social media page, trying to figure out how to say “this song sounds like our entire childhood.” I mean. Seriously. It’s got this glowing 80s goodness and a hopeless romantic core. The song is infectiously good and I keep listening to it over and over. Fans of the Spring Standards need to give this a spin.

The Georgia Flood – “Whistle King”
-Take some energetic indie pop rock and sprinkle in a bit of invincibility, you get The Georgia Flood. The style of rock here is a bit Young the Giant in all the right ways. This one will get you dancing and, of course, trying to whistle. The driving beat gives a base to a solid song with some really exceptional vocals. The allusions to cosmopolitan life and falling for someone all works really well with a great track. If I DJed a college rock station, I’d add this to my rotation.

Psychic Shakes – “Wasting Time”
-My note on Psychic Shakes calls them “experimental pop” so you know to get a yes from us it has to be pretty spectacular. And holy shit is this a good song. It reminds me of something Pink Floyd would have written a few decades ago. It’s excellent. There’s even a cool telecaster feel to the guitars that reminds me of the 60s. The vocals can be hard to follow, but when they want to be clear and harmonic they express sorrowful-yet-redemptive lyrics. It’s definitely worth a listen for something unique.

Kiss the Thief – “Friday Night”
-There’s a cool pop rock style to Kiss the Thief. Sometimes it reminds me a bit of chill 90s rock and the lead vocal sounds a bit like Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day. All told it is a song for the 90s kid in all of us, reflecting on those complicated relationships and that broken social scene.

Wild Domestic – “Author”
-The first thing I did when I heard this song was share it with a few friends who love punk. I mean really it’s alt rock in the purest sense, but the pop rock vibe is unavoidable. It reminds me some of the All American Rejects. The lyric about “bad intentions… trying to fill this void” gave me so many feels it’s a tad ridiculous. My note compares it to Incubus, but it’s just excellent no matter who you compare them to. The heavy hitting power punk chords and spot-on punk vox keep me coming back for more.

Julius – “Love More”
-If you like the pop punk style of Relient K, this band is absolutely for you. Julius carry a torch of bands like RK, Capitol Lights, and Ace Troubleshooter from back in the day. But the thing is these cats are really good at what they do. It’s a high quality new, fresh art that goes beyond just sounding like other bands. The writing is even Thiessen-esque, which is quite an admirable feat. I’m looking forward to hearing this pop punk ear candy more down the road.

SISTERS – “Trails”
-If you like Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins, just click play on this song and enjoy the beautifulness. It’s a nice high-tenor lead vocal with a soaring composition. It also sounds like it probably came out in the late 80s. The whole sound is really intriguing. The song itself is a bit of adventure, with the trails as a metaphor for finding love and acceptance. It’s really an inspiring kind of song.

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