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Earlier I wrote an article from the perspective of a blogger on why we appreciate SubmitHub so much. One might be wondering, though, how artists feel about it. We’ve met some great artists over the past five years of running this site. So how does SubmitHub influence those relationships? How do artists feel about it?

Artist Jaden Larue explains how it works for independent musicians, “In a world where many indie musicians are responsible for their own Publicity & Social Media management, offers a wonderful way to quickly and seamlessly submit music to great, quality blogs. The submission format is straightforward, the bloggers have a fantastic response rate and the curated playlists are wonderful. I have already recommended SubmitHub to other musicians as a fantastic resource and will continue to do so.” This sentiment is clearly supporting the platform for its accessibility.

Coming from the PR perspective Mikel Corrente of Purple Bite explains, “I actually like Submithub a lot, I believe it is a great way for independent artists that might not have the budget for a PR campaign to get started. There [are] a lot of credible blogs and it is all very organized by the one and only Jason Grishkoff. Whenever I meet with potential new clients and they tell me that they cannot do the campaign I always recommend them to join Submithub… Definitely A+ in my book.” In other words, for artists who are not quite ready to hire a full rate PR firm, using SubmitHub can provide a nice way to get access to press.

But as acoustic musician John John Brown explains, SubmitHub’s real advantage is that it saves everyone plenty of time. “For one, SubmitHub has made the album/song submission process more convenient. I used to spend a lot of time Googling “folk music blogs”. Fortunately, a good deal of what I’m looking for is all streamlined on one site. I’ve also found it to be more informative because even when a blog turns you down it’s still nice to know what they thought of your music. On the flip side, if your submission is accepted you are often connected to high quality music sites who have the ability to help get your tunes out to people who want to hear them.”

Providing some context to the actual usefulness of the site in terms of measurable success, folk band Vintage Talk explains, “SubmitHub allowed my band to go from 0 to 100 practically overnight. Not having to search for hours for popular music blogs, let alone an email to send music to, freed up time for us to work more on our music and less on marketing.” This is the important element of the usefulness of the site; it frees up bands to make music without costing the entire profits of the album’s release to pay for someone else to do so.

What is missing from this article, of course, are the voices of the folks who were not selected for coverage. There are many people writing reviews on other sites that bash SubmitHub, but the fact of the matter is that many bands and artists do secure coverage. There are multiple blogs covering several genres, so if you’re contemplating it put your music out there. Even if you don’t secure coverage, you will receive valuable feedback that can help on your next album, next project, or even next band.

*All of the above quotes came through contacts made with bands and organizations through SubmitHub. The coversations were through private email or chat services and are not available for citation.

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