Five Unique Indie Pop Tracks to Brighten Your Day

Five Unique Indie Pop Tracks to Brighten Your Day

Indie Pop is a tough genre these days because there are just so many people writing for it. There are bands that really can sing harmonies with catchy hooks that win the day every time. But in the midst of hundreds of submissions each week, we occasionally find some of these selections that are just too good to pass up. These talented artists are sure to brighten your day.

The Clear – “Maria Brown”
-This song will give you chills if you grew up listening to oldies (or if you lived through the 60s to hear it the first time). Easy comparisons are bands like the Mamas and the Papas. Not only are the harmonies outstanding, there’s even some organ and guitar work that feels absolutely like the 60s. What I find addictive about the song, though, is the awareness of the Vietnam War and the protest movement. It’s such an outstanding recreation of the era. It almost seems impossible to do something like this without being in that actual era.

Feelds – “Ivory”
-There’s a haunting quality to the vocals from Feelds that puts me in mind of Tanner Swift, who we featured last year. There’s a confident style to the vocal that makes you think these guys really should be all over the radio. The harmonies are fantastic, coming out of nowhere with an unassuming but convincing presence. In the second half of the song the track takes on a different take, somewhat tribal in its feeling and transcendently powerful. If you give it a spin, please stick around for the whole thing. It jumps from a good song to a next level measure of greatness as the composition seems to emerge from the sum of its parts.

Birdtalker – “Just This”
-Birdtalker are one of those groups that just make you want to stop writing about music and listen. Okay, just me? Well, anyways, the sound is deceptive because at first you think this is a “raw” sound but then it is actually really polished. So maybe a better word for it is authentic. Both of the voices are crystalline with a resonating power that feels limitless. Even the guitars have a coolness about them that cannot be overstated. This is a groovy band.

Evan Wize – “Our Love”
-I can be a bit guilty of overusing the word “sultry” but seriously this is a sultry tune. Do you remember how you felt when you heard early Maroon 5 and thought “ohh lala?” (Yes, even you straight guys). I mean, Evan Wize has that kind of swagger. And there are even some really incredible organ runs on this tune and some saxophones. “Our love is insatiable… it’s intangible.” It’s romantic and captivating. Put this jam on and tell your significant other you want to hangout. Evan Wize and chill… or something like that.

Cinders – “Hope You Do”
-I really like this song. I mean, there are technical ways of saying that, but I just like the song. Imagine the “devil may care” attitude of Billie Joe Armstrong combined with the easy going style of a band more like Weezer. That’s the combination that makes up Cinders. Oh, but I almost forgot you have to add a dash of infectious pop writing. Take some of the happiest hooks from pop punk and slow them down to some chill folk rock music, you’ll come out with the enjoyable “Hope You Do.” It’s cute and about falling in love, too, so yeah check it out. I hope you do. 🙂

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