Eight standout singer songwriter albums you can’t wait to hear

Eight standout singer songwriter albums you can’t wait to hear

Songwriters seemingly are everywhere, but to reach that “next level” of talent seems to be rare. Here we have eight of those outstanding writers that can pull at your heart strings, get your toes tapping, and provide your ears with a joy that is hard to encapsulate. Be sure, if you enjoy, to share these talented artists with your friends. Heck, share them with your enemies too, you know those people need something to brighten their cold, dark, lonely days.

GIRL – The Kid From Spain
-Girl is a project from Colleen Lee. Her music is infectious. It’s a little bit of that stripped down sound, but without being “twee.” Think Ingrid Michaelson without the bells and whistles. Now I know she won’t be for everyone, but GIRL is really talented and her music is great for contemplation. The vocal purity on this recording is actually at a superb level; it’s remarkably difficult to do what she’s done here, with self harmonies and layers at a professional level but leaving that lo-fi quality that really draws you in.

Fay – Self Titled
-Remember the first time you heard really great strings behind a vocalist? It was probably a Disney movie, to be fair. What Fay has done is take that classic style, more so like Ray Charles than Disney, and brought it to contemporary ears. Her style is intriguing and will actually physically make you lean in to listen more carefully. Maybe she’s a bit more pop than some of you are comfortable with, but you can’t deny her outstanding, pure artistry.

Ariela Jacobs – Yesteryear EP
-Ariela Jacobs has a “high art” voice. Her articulation is almost perfect. She reminds me of what I love about Billie Martin and every bit at that level. If you’re a fan of popular artists like Daniela Andrade, you really have to try out Jacobs. Her singing is crystal clear and each word just jumps out of your listening device. The backing work is just enough to keep you comfortable while enjoying the vocal quality and good stories. This is a stunning album.

Sarah Q. – Tales of Heartbreak and Homesickness
-There are apparently a few people going by Sarah Q in the music world, and I have to say this one is pretty remarkable. If you’re a fan of bluesy vocals, you really have to hear Sarah Q. Check out the raw, rootsy authenticity of this album. I find it a beautiful paradox to have Sarah’s crystal clear delivery contrasted with the raw, ripping feeling of the guitar. Do enjoy.

Ryan Rickenbach – Stasis EP
-Ryan Rickenbach is a talented singer songwriter with every ounce of charisma in the world. He just stole it all and threw it into this recording. With a flair for the dramatic and some stellar delivery, one gets the distinct sense that Rickenbach’s show would be an absolute joyful experience. He’s gonna a little Harry Connick Jr. in him, for damn sure. If you’re interested in bluesy pop, Rickenbach is the man for you.

Danny Hallis – Rogue EP
-It’s hard to explain to people what the “it” factor really is. Well, listen to Danny Hallis and you’ll get a sense of what it is. You could pull Danny out of his band and throw him on a street corner and he’d busk his heart out. You can just hear it. The music is emanating from who he is. There’s no standout track on this album; they are all empowering and positive. It seems that Hallis lets his faith influence his music in spades. What Hallis is singing about drips of truth, a proclamation of something so much more valuable than self loathing that so many other artists desire to express. “Oh, oh awake my soul!”

Mairearad Green – Tanera Talisman
-I didn’t look too deeply into it, but I’m going to go ahead and assume Mairearad is from Ireland. You can hear it in her name (maybe) and even more so in the chord progression. The vocal quality, though, is what steals the day for me. This woman can sing! The strings and production are beautiful, of course, but the overall style is just stunning to me with a powerful voice to win the day.

Bobby Long – Ode to Thinking
-If you’re a fan of brilliant fingerpicking, you really need to spend some time with Bobby Long’s album. Just listen to the song here and you’ll immediately hear what I mean. Not only that, Long can sing really well. He reminds me of a timeless blues singer, keeping the fundamentals strong with a genuine expression of his heart. You just can’t fake this kind of authenticity. I could listen to this guy all day.

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