New Music Friday – Ep.4 – Vote in the poll to decide who wins a full album review

New Music Friday – Ep.4 – Vote in the poll to decide who wins a full album review
Each of these artists has an incredible amount of talent, so let’s give them all a fair listen. After clicking on each one, please vote in the poll posted below. The winner (after one week), will receive a full album review here on EarToTheGround Music. Please share these outstanding artists with your friends, too. Everyone wins!

Jon Lindsay – “When They Broke the World”
-If you’re a fan of some powerful pop punk chords and great vocals like Good Charlotte and the like, Jon Lindsay’s “When They Broke the World” is for you. The song takes the listener on an adventure, or at least promises one, seemingly to a love interest. The track feels good, with plenty of energy. It reminds me of an earlier era right up until the bridge… which I’ll let you hear what I mean by listening for yourself. Still, innovative is cool.

Page Brothers – “Won’t Fall in Love”
-This might be a bit more top 40 than what you typically hear on our site, but there’s some genuine soul in the recording. I really appreciate the way the vibe all connects, including some really sweet alternative vocal harmonies. I like how the clean vocal harmonies lay neatly over a solid beat that makes me want to move. If you’re going to make a modern soul sound, at least make it like this.

Animali – “Who?”
-This is an amazing track; let me be clear on that point. I mean, no matter how many times I hear it, I find myself sucked into the void. The psychedelic elements are perfectly executed, making it feel fascinatingly unique, without being over the top in bizarreness. The real joy I find in the recording is in the layered vocals. There’s so much energy, I can’t help but imagine myself going for a ride or journey full of bright colors and hallucinogenic shapes. It’s great.

The Tumbling Wheels – “Don’t Forget Me”
-First of all, the lead vocal is picture perfect. Then the backing “oohhs” are just as delightful, filling out a timeless track that is sure to get some toes tapping. This is the purest sort of Americana bliss. It’s a multigenerational feel that will put you in mind of the 1950s most easily. The electric guitar dances beautifully around the rhythm guitar and rhythm section. When the lyrics crossover the 50s censorship (you’ll hear it, trust me), you’re suddenly jarred into this visceral time warp. It’s modern and it’s old fashioned all at once.

The Misteries – “Love Drugs”
-My note on these guys calls them “Dr. Dog indie rock.” After another listen, that’s pretty much spot on. You might even call them a sort of time-warped Sergeant Pepper’s sound, too. In any event, it’s a groovy sound. There’s some 70s feel in it for sure, but there’s also a raw, real freshness that feels recent as well. The guitars keep it grounded to the floor and the keys make you bounce, but it’s the well-calculated vocals that pleasantly surprise me the most. This is a sleeper track and I hope it brings home some votes.

Paul Mosley and the Red Meat Orchestra – “The World is Flat”
-This orchestral folk piece is inspiring, unsettling, and captivating. Just listen to the layers of strings and melody. It’s not every day that you’ll hear this type of quality in different ways. The strings are world class, the vocals top quality, and the composition is really outstanding. When it comes to this type of music, Bears of Legend set the standard and these folks can play with them. Throw on some headphones and give this track a serious listen.

Shay D. – “The Rolling River (feat. KYLA)”
-The highlight of this track is KYLA, the featured vocalist. It all comes together for a wonderful folk ballad full of emotion and insight. The composition does good work staying true to folk chord progression and delivery. The backing sounds, including the keys, are soothing and deeply enjoyable. Allow KYLA’s vocals to soothe you on this delightful recording.

Cadence Kid – “Hold On Me”
-Do you like kick drum? Do you like high energy music that gets your head bobbing, but is still super chill? This is your jam, yo. Seriously, I love this track from Cadence Kid more than I probably should. It’s got a chill vibe that keeps you relaxed, but the beat is absolutely infectious. The lead vocal is melodic, yet just strong enough not to overwhelm. The backing elements, including vocals and guitar, work perfectly.

John Splithoff – “Sing to You”
-Remember the first time you realized that the lead vocalist of the Jackson 5 was the same person as the Michael Jackson, “king of pop,” that made “Thriller” and all those other hits? You were stunned, right? Imagine, then, realizing that John Splithoff sings with a similar moxie. I wanted to say it was a throwback sound – and maybe in some ways it is – but really this cat can just flat out SING. I love his style, flavor, and definitely rhythms throughout the song. It’s a celebration of love not often heard since the heyday of the 60s. Good stuff.

Blajk – “Good Liars”
-Keep a solid beat, some electro sounds to hold the bottom of the track, and a powerful anthem over the top of it all… that’s “Good Liars.” This is not what we typically cover here at ETTG, but something about Blajk’s composition drew me in. This is the “it” factor, to make a folk music blogger draw in to a sound like this. It won’t be for everyone, but it’s danceable and a nice “sit out on the porch with a drink” jam. Give it a spin.

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