Album Review: Arts Fishing Club – Self Titled EP

Album Review: Arts Fishing Club – Self Titled EP

If the name Arts Fishing Club sounds familiar, it’s because we covered his remarkable tour last year when he and a few other songwriters WALKED their tour from Maine to Tennessee. It was a wonderful story and gave me a glimpse into this talented artist. It’s clear that “Art” is well on his way to a successful indie music career. His music drips with genuine reflection on classic stylings, including a bit of blues, pop, and certainly what we might call classic rock. If you’re looking for a nice “kick back and enjoy” album, you can’t go wrong with Arts Fishing Club.

“Ground She Walked” is a bluesy jam about admiration for a woman, of course. Immediately the beat steals the show. The lead vocals are great and the harmonica on the bridge are pretty phenomenal. Fans of Marc Broussard will find this one really nice. The combination of the lead vocal and the killer organ also put me in mind of Nicholas David (Minnesota songwriter who made it big on The Voice a few years ago). It’s that “blue eyed soul” swagger that really comes through on this start. It jumpstarts the album nicely!

“Lies” is clearly a blues song. It’s got elements of traditional blues with some nice original guitar licks. His delivery of the line “well I found me a lady” instant me snapped me back to the way I felt the first time I heard Lenny Kravitz on “American Woman.” It’s a cool style with a lot of the right kind of musical attitude. Yet again the organ provides some great backing. The bridge on this one reminds me of “House of the Rising Sun.” That’s a compliment.

“Rarin’ to Roam” is a bit more of a folk or Americana style travelin’ song. It’s not surprising that the writer of this song did a walking tour. The lyrics are full of indications of a desire for adventure. It leads nicely into “Bottle of Wine,” another lighter production track that highlights the songwriting quality. “Bottle of wine and a broken heart… never the way you want to start.” It’s well written and nicely executed. It’s about looking back at a relationship that he left, “leaving you is my biggest regret.” There’s a real, tangible feeling of heartache with a nice use of imagery.

“Two Timer’s Roulette” is a really fun track. It’s an absolute toe tapper. It’s got a nice compliment of an electric guitar, making it feel like a song you might hear at a country bar somewhere. The lyrics of course make light of cheating, but the song is a really cool blues-inspired driving country jam. The album then finishes with the best track on the album, “Take a Walk.” It’s another bluesy track, including some nice crisp guitar work. The vocals are in their sweet spot on this one. In terms of writing quality, check out this killer line:
“I’ll take a walk to the otherside
Where the revolutionaries light their fires
I’ll take a walk where the dreamers fly
Their flags of freedom and the dead men died”

If you aren’t familiar with Arts Fishing Club, he’s definitely one to watch. As his writing continues to develop, we are going to get to experience some pretty exceptional work. He’s already talented and has the right attitude for this whole music business. This album is great to confuse your friends. No one will believe you when you tell them it was produced in 2015. They will all think it is from the 60s or 70s. It’s a timeless, groovy blues rock album. Do enjoy.

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