Album Review: Jourdan Myers – Ruin Me With Love

Jourdan Myers – Ruin Me With Love

Jourdan Myers packs a powerful pop punch. Her vocal quality is strong and her songwriting draws listeners into the next word. What’s she going to say next? Where is the song going? The album Ruin Me With Love is part adventure, part story, and part expression of her own story. There are profound moments of discovery available throughout the album for listeners; give her time to tell her story and you’ll find yourself connecting with a truly human story.

The sound of the piano rock opener “Lifetime or Before” is not your granddaddy’s piano rock. This is driving, full of electronic sounds and heavy beats. It’s the kind of song that gets a listener amped up for the rest of the album. The melody is easy on the ear and Jourdan’s lead vocal reminds you of someone familiar. She reminded me of an artist named Sara Groves, but her sweet and recognizable tone might remind other listeners of other artists.

“Long Days” slows the album down nicely. There’s a sweet and eclectic snappiness to the song. The juxtaposition between Myers’ sweet vocals and the accessories of backing vocals and percussion make for a disjointed yet engaging piece. In other words it’s a chill, relaxing song that won’t let you doze off. And that’s okay. In terms of lyrics, it’s a story of endurance despite life being difficult. These are long days, indeed.

“Push Me on the Playground” is a bluesy anthem. It has Grace Potter sass to it, for sure. I’m not lyrical expert, but I’m pretty sure the story is a metaphor about someone who is being a bully. “I won’t be a target for your fanciful invention today… just to be clear you I’m trying to avoid you.” It’s witty and well done. The instrumentation is variegated, including a well placed saxophone. It’s some of Myers’ sassiest singing on the whole album and it’s definitely worth a listen.

The album shifts gears again for “Firelight,” a waltz-time softer track that feels almost like a lullaby. It’s so sweetly performed; it’s easily my favorite on the album. The accordion and eclectic instrumentation usher the listener right into the comfortable grasp of Myers. Seriously there’s almost a magnetism to the tune that pulls listeners into the music. Of course this temptation is intentional as the song is about the allure of the firelight, much like the moth to the flame. This is a song that deserves significant airplay for fans of artful, esoteric music.

“Wanderlust” kicks things up a notch again. It’s a driving rhythm with a cool pop rock sound. “Voice of Silver” has an airy quality to it, making the listener have a floating sensation. It’s a nice song begging to be put on a playlist for studying or reading. It reminds me of something from Enya many years ago.

“End of Me” has a start with Myers and a solo piano. There’s a nice jazzy chord crawl that reminds me of a bygone era of music. The attitude and style of the track, even after the band comes in, is great. “You could be my buried treasure. You could be the end of me – my greatest pain or my greatest pleasure.” Oh yeah. It’s got the attitude to really work. I’d love to hear a full album of Myers with tunes like this one and “Firelight.”

“Dusty Roses” is a totally different style. Much more snappy and “Ingrid Michaelson-esque” than the rest of the album, it’s a fun, fitting track. Then “Be Here” shifts gears again back to a relaxing, loving song. It shows a desire to be together and Myers gives off the distinct impression that she’s singing about someone special. “Can I feel your touch tonight? That caused the deaf to hear…” made me think that maybe it’s about a divine figure. “You will be here when I call you.” Hmm. The final track “Slow Motion” gets back to some of the more eclectic sounds found earlier on the album. It’s delightfully characteristic of Myers’ typical sound. Part rock, part sass, but with a nice hard candy shell – appropriately sweet and yet still hard, Myers puts forth a guarded expression.

All told I can’t decide if “Ruin me with love” as a thought is a request or a confession. Perhaps she’s in the midst of the process of being ruined with love. But in any event, fans of pop singer songwriters will find much to enjoy throughout this album. It rises and falls with song after song. It will be interesting to follow Myers as she continues to evolve as a singer songwriter. While she adopts different styles, it will be intriguing to hear if she settles into one of the genres or stylistic choices present on this thoroughly enjoyable album which highlights a top notch lead vocal.

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