Five Gifted Singer Songwriters for November

Five Gifted Singer Songwriters for November

It can be difficult to find good singer songwriters in the midst of all the noise out there. Here’s a list of some talented singer songwriters who we support at EarToTheGround. Consider giving them a spin and if you like them, support their music.

Christian Dupree – Simple Quiet Things
-Christian Dupree is a classically trained musician and it shows in his music. He has a lucid, inviting style. His bucolic melodies draw listeners into places far more tranquil than the realities of our world. Dupree’s richly textured voice is comforting like a therapist or loving family member. His album offers a delightful introduction to acoustic singer songwriters far more relaxing and subtle than most that we cover.

Josh Gilligan – Steady On
-Josh Gilligan has a light, believable vocal quality that permeates his music. It’s not every day that a claim of sounding like “James Taylor” holds any water, but it absolutely does for this talented young man. From the upbeat almost “pop” flavor of “Fury” to the stripped down emotionalism of “Old and Tired Ground,” this album shows a singer songwriter with confidence in his ability to convey a meaningful and sometimes heavy song. There’s some totally underrated guitar work on the album, too. Excellent.

Erin Rae – Soon Enough
-The best thing about “classic” sounds and appearances is that they find a way to come back into vogue. Erin Rae’s vocals are not top 40 material, but they are timeless and golden. She could have sung these songs sixty years ago to great acclaim. Her cutting, precise tone allows for her songs to pierce your ears with emotion and profound connection. She’s a little bit country, a little bit folk, but more than anything just about as authentic as a singer songwriter can be. She’s a definite for fans of Joan Baez, Bonnie Raitt, and Joni Mitchell.

Jess Lambert – Weeping Angels EP
-Jess Lambert conjures images of angels in the title of her album and in her singing. She has an ethereal presence in her music. There’s a blend of earthy percussion and lofted electric guitars that blends together for a unique sound. Her song “Words” is one of my favorites I’ve heard in a long time. It’s got a genuineness to it that really draws me in. The intimacy on the album is great, making listeners feel like we’re part of the relationships at the core of the music. Her sound is that of a sophisticated singer songwriter.

Olivia Quillio – Get Down and Pray
-I love the vocal charisma of Olivia Quillio. She sounds like she could sing me the phone book and I’d like it. But even better, her lyrics are really great. She tells stories about love and the complications of life’s relationships. The instrumentation is traditional, but there’s a kind of swagger to her songs. It’s a little bit pop and a little bit sweet, but more than anything she pulls listeners into a kind of joyful existentialism. I’d say if you’re a fan of Sara Bareilles, give Quillio a chance. She’s talented. The title track “Get Down and Pray” is a great place to start.

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