Album Review: Adam Hill – Old Paint

Adam Hill is a singer, songwriter, and composer born in Ohio and currently residing in Squamish, British Columbia. Old Paint is his latest album of what he refers to as new-timey music. New-timey music, for the uninitiated, appears to be a wonderful mix of Americana, Bluegrass, Blues, and Folk. In this album, Adam embarks on the daunting task of bringing new life, creativity, and ownership to twelve old folk songs, and succeeds remarkably. The album walks through the upbeat, melancholy, honky-tonk, bluesy, and bluegrass, with Hill’s warm voice guiding the way.

The opening track, “The Cuckoo”, starts off the album feeling like the beginning of a journey in a folk tale. For “Three Hundred Miles”, Adam really brings his creativity into play through turning his guitar into a dulcimer by attaching paper clips to the strings and banging away with chopsticks. “Bentonville Blues” tells the story of the woes of a low-wage worker working for “old Sam Walton”, with quarters and nickels percussion accompanying Adam and his guitar. “Rye Whiskey” is a melancholy love song to the drink, and a story of the affair. The penultimate track, “Down By The Riverside” is the song of a weary soldier laying down his arms to rest. “Goodbye Old Paint” is a instrumental, harmonica driven, farewell to the album that comes all too soon.

Adam’s strengths lie in his comforting voice, creative re-imagining, artful composing, passion, and the new lyrics that he brings to these songs. Go check out this album, and drink up Adam bringing his own wonderful new-timey interpretation to songs that you haven’t heard this way before.

Check out his website here.

And the BandCamp for Old Paint here.

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