About Music-Themed Online Slots

Visit any online casino and the only thing that may seem more surprising than the various music-themed slots would be the number of music genres represented in the slots’ game rooms. Whether you love head-banging to death metal, or prefer some Miles Davis on a quiet evening, you’ll find online slots games based on all kinds of music including the genres of opera, disco, rock ‘n’ roll, rap and even classical music. In fact, if you’re in Canada, you can discover a whole lot of them at the All Slots Casino Canada– the country’s most favourite online casino.


Which all popular bands have online slots based on them?

There are at least three that immediately come to the mind! Majority of rock music lovers may relate to Megadeth, the legendary heavy metal band from the 80s. They have an online slots game based on their music. Then you also have a slots game based on the lighter melodies and tones of the British band Madness, highlighting some of their wackiest lyrics!


Apart from these two, there’s a slot game based on the rock and folk Norwegian band known as Plumbo; this game has probably made more money for the slots players than the band may have made for itself in its lifetime! Nevertheless, the band is pretty huge in parts of Scandinavia, especially in Norway.


Which music type is most popular in online slots?

As may be evident, online slots based on rock ‘n’ roll music are by far the most popular. Some good examples are ‘Rockabillions’, animal-themed ‘Barnyard Boogie’, sci-fi/horror slots game ‘Creatures of Rock’, ‘Reels of Rock’, ‘Rock Star’ and many more. If we look purely from the mix tape and/or historical perspective, ‘Rock On’ is the most popular of all these games. This online slots game includes numbers from Jimi Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac, Guns N Roses, KISS and some other big icons of the genre.



Slot games based on disco music are also extremely popular in the online casinos. Although this music genre may have died long ago, it still alive and kicking at the online casinos! You may specifically love the ‘3-reel Fruit Machine’ if you enjoy disco music. The game’s sequel ‘Disco Slot 80’ is also hugely popular. Slot lovers have also developed great fondness for ‘Disco Spins’ and ‘Disco Fruits’.


Developers of online casino games have tapped into the popularity of Latin rhythms too and have incorporated them into many online slot games. You can find some Latin music based slot games such as ‘Samba Spins’, ‘Lucy Tango’, ‘Samba Nights’ and ‘At the Copa’ among many others.


Coming to jazz-based slot games, it’s much easier to find a jazz-based online slot machine these days than it is to find an actual jazz music act! Some of the jazz-based online slot games worth playing include ‘Rat Pack’, ‘Jazz of New Orleans’ and ‘Jazzy’.


So turn off your MP3 player and turn up the volume of your favourite music-themed online slot game! Whether you listen to music only on weekends, during those me-hours, or are a hard-core daily listener, you’re guaranteed to find an entertaining and music-filled online slots game to your liking!


*The opinions as well as the musical preferences of this post do not necessarily represent those of the editors here at Ear to the Ground. We appreciate other opinions, such as those from our lovely guest sponsor here, but we are music snobs in many areas.

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