Make a Record with Matthew Mayfield – makes music fans into investors

I had a chance to talk to Matthew Mayfield last week about his upcoming album. The investors are not a limited set of execs in a posh NYC skyscraper. No – the investors are the fans. Instead of merely donating money to win handwritten lyrics or some such swag, Mayfield’s new Loundfund campaign allows fans to become investors. The stakes? At prices of a few hundred dollars, investors will actually gain royalties on the first fruits of the album.

For more details on the process, check out the page for Mayfield’s album.

I asked him a little about the pending project. The timeline is for this fall, hoping to put out an album that will satisfy older fans and inspire new fans. Mayfield is excited to see how the Loudfund process works with his fanbase who have been extremely loyal to him. He hopes it also gives fans a chance to see a bit more about the business side of making music. If we all have something invested in the success of the album, we will share and talk about it differently.

We’re already signed up to be supporters on the album. Won’t you join us?

Let’s make a record!

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