Quick Hits: Brian Payne and Andrew Wilkinson – Acoustic singer songwriters with two must-hear EPs

Brian Payne – Self Titled EP

Brian Payne’s sound is just excellent and his folksy songwriting feels like the cool, refreshing Rockies. He’s got that “everyman” vocal quality. I almost guarantee he’ll make you think of “that guy” you know from high school or college who always showed up with his guitar on his back. He’s got a wonderful, polished tone and writing style. For this album just softly dropping earlier this year, Payne has an exceptional talent. He’s the reason we have this site. GO OUT AND GET THIS RECORD.

Andrew Wilkinson – Spring Training EP

Rasp has to be done. Andrew Wilkinson can do rasp. See his isn’t really Tom Waits rasp… more like Joshua James soft/subtle rasp. This EP is the kind of record that makes me lament the top 40. Seriously people are out there listening to autotune garbage when this young man is making real music with real heart. Writing with the kind of indie folk charm that one might expect from a singer songwriter, Wilkinson unapologetically postures his lyrics as an overture to deeply human lyrics. In short, this is not toe-tapping party music. It’s “shut up and listen” music – and it’s good.

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