Moon Walks- Rusty Rube and A Bitter Barb

Moon Walks. Rusty Rube and A Bitter Barb, 2-part EP.

Moon Walks/Bandcamp, 2014. (you can hear samples or buy the album here)

The Moon Walks are a brand new band coming out of Detroit, Michigan, and as much I love to hear revitalization in the Rust Belt, I love their sound even more. It’s a fresh, hot artisanal two-part EP set available on Bandcamp that follows up the group’s vinyl-only debut album, Pallet Knife. This band harkens back to The Doors and similar psychedelic sounds of the sixties and seventies. No, they’re not your typical folk style, but what’s more obviously American than a classic rock sound, the stuff that inspired generations (yes, it has been around that long now) of garage bands, high school musicians, and tributes. Forming in the end of 2013, there still isn’t much out about the Moon Walks, who rely on a Facebook page and their Bandcamp page, but they seem to be keeping more than busy with performances and their studio recordings. The first of their EPs, Rusty Rube, was released just this past Saturday, 5 July 2014, and the second installment, A Bitter Barb, is due out in less than a week, 12 July 2014, and available for pre-order now. Their title side of Pallet Knife is also available currently as a download, but the vinyl album is sold out. The songs from Rusty Rube rock with innovation and technical savvy, as does the third track on A Bitter Barb (the only track that’s available at the moment).  Personally, I’ll be waiting with baited breath for Saturday’s release of the set of this set.

In other news, a great Northeast Ohio band is ending and birthing a new incarnation. Canton indie-folk band Bethesda, whom we’ve featured on Ear to the Ground previously, has announced that they will be splitting up. The core members, Shanna Delaney and Eric Ling, are moving on to create By Light We Loom and have already lined up a couple of sets around the NEO area. While I’m sad to see the end of Bethesda, I’m looking forward to By Light We Loom and can’t wait to see them soon (schedule permitting).

Tracks: (Rusty Rube) Toe Jam, Sheikh, Two Years and a Fur Coat, Wizard’s Mirror, (A Bitter Barb) Judith, Candlabra, Spores

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