Kilindu: O Que o Futuro (What the Future Brings)

Kilindu. O Que o Futuro (What the Future Brings).

Single, 2014.

Kilindu is an amazing fusion band coming out of Lisbon, Portugal.  This six piece ensemble cast brings together influences from all corners of the globe- Portuguese ‘Fado’ music, Cape Verde’s traditional ‘Morna’, Brazilian ‘Samba’ or Cuba’s ‘Habanera’- united by a common ancestry in Portugal’s 15th century ‘Lundum’ style.  “O Que o Futuro” is a lush crisp sensation that will knock your socks off.  Right now, the single is out, but you can email them ( to hear about shows, albums, etc. earlier than the rest of the public.  They also have a 2012 album, Fado Novo, available that’s just as stellar.  Check them out, and enjoy a little bit of foreign flare tonight.


Personnel: Pedro Alves Duarte, João Pedreira, Joaquim Preto, Pantera Pitra, Ivan Pedreira, Tiago Simao

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