Lewis Watson – Some Songs with Some Friends – Pop singer songwriter’s upbeat new EP

Lewis Watson‘s music seems to be all over the place these days. His style is infectiously pop, infinitely relatable, and the kind of music that keeps a lot of people happy. It works in commercials and TV shows. It’s streaming on multiple online services and yes, even appears here on ETTG. If he’s so successful, why are we covering him? Well, because he’s still emerging and he deserves more recognition.

Watson’s latest EP Some Songs with Some Friends shows a step up in production quality. The opening track “Even If” is more than a guy with his guitar. It’s a big production with a full band and fun atmospheric sounds filling the track. It’s ultimately a song about resolving relationships. It’s the kind of joy-filled song that defines “pop” music.

“Droplets” features Gabrielle Aplin, another phenomenally talented rising star, in a wonderful duet reminiscent of the Colbie Caillat and Jason Reeves duos that were big hits about five years ago. This track is a radio-ready gem. The song is about post-relationship regret. It’s about feeling alone and crying after a breakup. It’s well-written, easy to connect with, and perfectly performed.

Going with the friends theme, “Peaks” features Kimberly Anne. Beginning with an electronic beat and electric guitars, the song takes on a distinctly different flavor from the very beginning. The song carries a connotation of “looking down” on situations as they unfold. The sound is interesting because it is not typical Lewis Watson singer songwriter fare. It’s more of a beat-heavy but-still-chill vibe. It’s a nice change of pace.

The last friend featured is Hudson Taylor on “Colorblind.” This is the definitive single that’s getting airplay from a variety of outlets. The beat is slow but powerful. There’s an intentional epic feel to the song. It builds tension in the early storytelling part of the song, with the eventual break into a forceful resolve. The later harmonies in the song, layered over strings and piano, help to create a feeling of intimacy throughout the song. “I am ready… I am fine.”

All told it’s the kind of album that poises Lewis Watson for continued growth. The best song on this short album, for me, is definitely “Droplets” with Gabrielle Aplin. I’d love to hear the two of them do a full album together. Their vocals blend really well. But this short EP is sure to be a hit for folks who like the pop sound of people like early John Mayer. If not interested in that sound, check out “Droplets” at very least. It’s a great track.

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