An Atlas to Follow: Golden Sun

An Atlas to Follow.  Golden Sun.  2012.

Hailing from Alabama and Tennessee, An Atlas to Follow is an award winning ensemble and creative powerhouse.  The album begins choppily, with the first sounds being background noises and chatter before strings and vocals enter, tentatively at first, and really gearing up to a rousing full-bodied song in Be Kind to Boston.  If Only You Knew then continues with high energy, but a mellow feel, like when you’ve just had a really excellent workout and are experiencing that post-activity buzz.  Following an a capella ending and a pause, Too Late to Say I Love You brings a more somber, slow and steady and at times almost spiritual in its drive.  Call This Home has a sound that verges on melancholy in its sweetness and simple beauty; it has the appeal of a Walt Whitman poem in some ways.  Taking another turn on the “Wheel of Feels” is Louisiana with large choral components and basic banjo strums and wonderful harmonies.  Ending the album, Golden Sun is a gentle and elegant ending.  According to their website, An Atlas to Follow is working on a second album, Silver Moon, and if it’s nearly as good as Golden Sun, then it’s a treat that we’ll just have to anticipate for a while before indulging.

Personnel: Thomas Smith, Amanda Smith, Zac Smith

Tracks: Be Kind to Boston, If Only You Knew, Too Late to Say I Love You, Call This Home, Louisiana, Golden Home

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