The Blushin’ Roulettes: Old Mill Sessions- No gambling here, just good tunes

The Blushin’ Roulettes. Old Mill Sessions.

Cinnamon Bones Music, 2014.

It was a friend’s daughter who brought drew my attention to this band’s crowd Kickstarter campaign, and I fell in love.  The campy silent film music video, the “very spooky Halloween countdown,” the crowd-funding, and the recommendation from the daughter of an established folk musician each would have been reason enough for me to kick in a bit on their own, but the combination of all these factors demanded that I support this project (and get a CD out of the deal).  I then I had to wait.  I don’t know about you, but I’m of a mixed mind on waiting for music- there’s the impatience of just wanting to hear this new sound NOW (I’m not great with patience, I realize that), but the excitement of getting to play around, learn a bit about the band, find out where to listen to their music online that blend into a very odd dissonance for me.

Old Mill Sessions was worth it.  Every minute of waiting was absolutely worth getting to hear this gem.  The harmonies, the musical skill of the band members, the album artwork, the panache of the whole thing- absolutely wonderful.  The music itself classic style and modern flair, and the entire album seems to flow together effortlessly.  You know when one song stops and the next begins, but it’s not a glaring transition.  The in between settles down and lets you refocus on whatever is about to come, like that short moment between songs in many live performances where musicians take a minute to signal and connect to their band mates.  The band has recently settled into Asheville, and I can bet that they’re fitting in nicely with their sound and style.  This new locale is also far closer to Ear to the Ground’s home base, which makes me extra excited in hopes of seeing The Blushin’ Roullettes in person sometime soon.

Even though it’s early in the year, I’m pretty confident in saying you’ll see this album pop up on end of the year lists at least a couple of times.

Personnel: Angie Heimann (guitar, vocals, piano), Cas Sochacki (lap steel guitar, dobro), Buddy Stubbs (lead and bass guitar), Jubal Stedman (drums, percussion), Luke Stone (piano), Calvin Turnbull (bass guitar), Kate Stone (cello), Gwyneth Moreland (vocals), Bob Heimann (guitar, vocals), Boo Sochacki (vocals, collar chimes)

Tracks: Sadness Thief, Ballad to Biker Joe, Wind and the Sand, Jillian, Let it Roll, Won’t Bother Me, Calypso Lane, Tall Tall Grass, Shelter Cove, Luke’s Interlude, Purple Clouds, Coffee Black Night

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