Help Wanted: Redditors, Twitter users, and avid Facebook users – Help us help musicians

We need help with our social media efforts here at EarToTheGround Music. We have a few folks that do their best to spread the word, but we want to enlist a small army of folks. Will you join us in this endeavor?

What we need is simple:
-Share our site and stories on social media and TAG US so we know.

-Go on Reddit and contribute using legitimate links from our site.

-If you use Stumble Upon, mark our articles there as well.

-Tweet and retweet especially content. Consider tweeting to artists that you heard about their band on our site. It helps them know how they get new fans and it helps us with credibility in the industry.

Now this is not a self-serving request… well, it does help us… but ultimately why we need this to happen is to broaden our net of influence. If we are going to get more people to find new music that they’ve never heard before, we need more of our readers sharing what we write. This will help us grow our readership, our potential advertising space, and ultimately (again) increase our ability to help artists.

We’d like to be able to tell an artist that as soon as we do a feature on them 1000 new people will hear their music. That’s the kind of leverage we’d like to have.

Can you help us create that leverage for the emerging artists on our site?

Thanks for reading. Thanks for partnering with us. Now, let’s spread some harmony.

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