Carly Jamison- Ungrounded

Carly Jamison. Ungrounded. 2013.

Recorded in Nashville, Ungrounded has the presence of a Bonnie Raitt or Janis Joplin, with the complex sound of Bruce Springsteen, and the hard edge of Alanis Morisette.  The whole shebang is quite a powerhouse of an album, a great accompaniment to a workout or driving fast with the windows down.  This is Jamison’s second album, and one to go listen to immediately.  Really, if your Monday is going anything like mine, go crank up this set right now.  It might not make Monday any shorter, but it will at least give you enough energy to make through til Tuesday.

Personnel: Carly Jamison (vocals, guitar), Sarah Silva (vocals), Tres Sasser (vocals), Dan Baird (guitar), Keith Brogdon (percussion), Tres Sasser (guitar, bass, piano), Chris Tench (guitar), Chris Tuttle (piano), K.S. Rhodes (viola, harmonica), Chris West (saxophone), Jon Paul Frappier (trumpet), Oscar Utterstrom (trombone).

Tracks: Superman Fantasy, No Easy Way Out, I Don’t Think We Have Ever Met, Small Talk, Sailing Away, Prison, Runaway Train, Brand New Day, Traveling On, Say Goodbye, I Said I Loved You But I Lied

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