Brown Bird- Fits of Reason: Reason to give a second (third, fourth) listen…

Brown Bird. Fits of Reason
Brown Bird, 2013.

Brown Bird is a group that’s been working together since the late aughts, drawing on a number of musical influences while carving their own niche at the same time.  Blues, grunge, folk, and punk all come out to play in these eclectic poems-put-to-music.  With big themes of life, its meaning, punishment, and the human condition, paired to fusion guitar-based sounds brings to mind The Doors with their shamanistic dream-like renderings.  Fits of Reason is a newer, more mature sound than Brown Bird’s last album, Salt for Salt.  This album is truly a masterwork that needs to be heard to be appreciated.  The melodies fall into place, matching the lyrics and creating a tapestry across the eleven tracks of the album.  Instrumentation varies somewhat, keeps similar sounds- strings, drums, bass- throughout.

Personnel: David Lamb, MorganEve Swain.

Tracks: Seven Hells, Nine Eyes, Bow for Blade, Barren Lakes, The Messenger, Iblis, Wayward Daughter, Hitchens, Abednego, Threads of Measure, Caves

Brown Bird also happens to have a new single, Weathering, out much more recently, as their first recording out since Dave’s diagnosis of leukemia earlier this year.

And as an added bonus for this week (early Christmas present?), Leyla McCalla, formerly of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, has her first solo album coming out on February 11th, 2013, titled “Vari-Colored Songs: A Tribute to Langston Hughes.”   There’s a preview of the album that’s out now, the track Mesi Bondye (Creole for “Merci Bon Dieu” or “Thank you, good God”).

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