Tossing Copper – Of Life and Love and Longing – A Shining Singer/Songwriter Example

Tossing Copper is the moniker of Jake Scott, a fresh on the scene singer/songwriter from Arkansas. With a name that Scott claims “represents the things that we all look to in our lives to give us whatever we may be seeking, but unfortunately are never able to do so”, he has taken the familiar image of throwing a penny in a wishing well as his calling card. It’s an interesting name and one that really suits him and his music.

It’s rare that an EP strikes me as something that will be at or near the top of an album of the year list, but this 5 song EP is nearly perfect. Musically, it’s a simple, effective style that matches what Scott does lyrically. Lyrically, it’s an incredibly honest, sometimes painful introspection that’s reflected in the title, Of Life and Love and Longing. What makes this album so special and unique is the joining of the two, a nearly perfect blend of lyrics and folk instrumentation.

The first track, “The Mason”, is a song about a relationship in hindsight. It’s easy for most of us to relate to this song because most of us have experienced a love like this. What makes it difficult to both hear and experience is that it’s impossible to feel this and hear this in the midst of a bad relationship. When the song ends with “I fell in love with an idea in my head, but that’s not who she is”, it’s hard not to feel like Scott is twisting the knife, but only the most talented songwriters can make you feel like that.

“The Disconnect” is another introspective song, one that laments the lack of clarity when matters of the head and matters of the heart meet head on. “I’m slow to trust when my heart tells my head what is real./ My mind would change every other day if my heart led the way.” The banjo and harmonica in this song perfectly add to the confusion and frustration found in the lyrics. “Truth Be Told” is perhaps the most honest song I’ve ever come across, an almost scathing piece of reflection that sees Scott calling himself out for having “…nothing good within me, if I’m honest.” This song is better experienced than talked about:

The last song, “Note to Self”, is a song that was written to remind us of how good things are and what to pay attention to. It’s written as a letter that you’d send yourself when you weren’t in a position to see these things in the moment. The female vocals really add to the complexity and beauty of this song. All in all, Of Life and Love and Longing is a masterpiece, which is exciting for a debut and even more exciting looking forward. Jake Scott released this album to little if any fanfare and is quickly gaining some major attention. Do yourself a favor and follow the Noisetrade link below and get this album for free. You won’t regret it.


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