Addie Pray- So Long

Addie Pray. So Long.
Addie Pray and Bandcamp, 2013.

Addie Pray:

Addie Pray is Carmen Perry, of Montclair, New Jersey.  Perry is also a student at Kenyon College in Ohio, where she plays with two bands, Littless (with James Karlin) and SPORTS (with James Karlin, Benji Dossetter, and Catherine Dwyer).  Her sound singly is a down-to-earth and comfy lo-fi lilt.

Baby Steps begins slow but ramps up quickly, and adds bits of reverb vocalizations at points toward the end.  The energy stays high beat for Wishful Thinking, where Perry’s vocal acrobatics get a little more attention with some fun tricks and flips of her singing voice, ending with nearly-frantic guitar riffs.  Drunken Politics tamps down to a faster lullaby, with hushed “Twinkle Twinkle” sounds, before taking a detour into faster territory, and finally ending in a self-reflective but not melancholy tone.  Becoming more complex and textured, the title track has fun guitar slides and a not-quite-duet as Perry echoes Perry to lend depth and richness.  Lie To Me has Perry picking up a twang at some points and is my favorite track of the album.  Long Day has a rough edge to the guitar work, and that slightly more gritty tone sticks out and gives the album a nice variety, while being technically skilled and lyrically touching.  Moving into slower territory once more, August just drips hot sticky summer days, with laziness and discomfort, but the song itself is a joy to hear.  Nowhere To Be may have no place to go, but it’s getting there quickly and with a jaunt in its step; the guitar work is rough and tumble and reminiscent of those angry teen years of which Perry sings.  Calming down the instruments and bringing voice-forward work back again, Right Down To Your Bones is a gorgeous rambling piece of poetry set to music.  To end the album, So Scared has a monotonous guitar line that doesn’t get boring set alongside more chimes and well-placed synth work to give a surreal goodbye to this sweet songstress.

So Long is the type of album I remember loving back in high school, and the songs that never get old because they speak in vague enough terms to be universal, but specific enough to tell the writer’s story.  That quality of songwriting is one that will never go out of style, so long as there are college towns, coffee houses, and local bars hosting music nights, and the magic of the internet brings these gems to the world.  Check out Addie Pray and Carmen Perry’s other projects, and when she’s back in Ohio this fall, maybe check her out in Gambier.

Personnel: Carmen Perry (vocals, guitar), Aidan Feliciano (drums)

Tracks: Baby Steps, Wishful Thinking, Drunken Politics, So Long, Lie To Me, Long Day, August, Nowhere To Be, Right Down To Your Bones, So Scared

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