To the Show! Promo!

Everyone GET EXCITED!  It’s definitely the season for festivals and shows.  We’re busy with so many submission requests and lots of new albums coming out.  We love it, but it’s busy.  And when we get right down to it, we want to go to shows as much as you do.

We’ve been trying to think of a way to spread the word about our website at shows and venues across the world.  We thought about stickers.  We tried t-shirts.  We’ve even been known to shamelessly self promote through passing out business cards (which is so not hipster… unless it’s on ironic vintage paper… then it’s okay.)

Then we thought… hey, our fans/readers are awesome.  Maybe they would tell people about our site.  And maybe we could make a contest out of it!

THIS IS AN “EVERYONE WINS” CONTEST!!!   (Yayyy Little League… thanks for ruining our generation)

To Enter:
-Make a sign, a tshirt, a poster, index card, or an interpretive dance… and show it AT A SHOW.  Tweet us @EarToThe_Ground with a Tweeter pic… twitpic… whatever it’s called.  Show us that you’re showing off our name/logo AT A SHOW.  Oh and TAG THE BAND.  Unless it’s Yo Yo Ma.  He doesn’t need the press.

-Once we get your Tweeter pic, we’ll enter your Tweeter name in our Tweeter contest.  If you don’t have The Twitter, you can share it on The Facebook.  Again, be sure to tag the band.

What do I win?
-We will retweet your pic.  That’s cool, right?

-We will send you an ETTG sticker as soon as we have one.

-We will SELECT ONE WINNER who we will hook up with a copy of any album that’s been reviewed on the site in 2013!  So check out all of the reviews and let us know which album you want!

**Contest ends August 31, 2013**

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