The Naked Sun- Space, Place, and Time EP

The Naked Sun. Space, Place, and Time EP
The Naked Sun/Bandcamp, 2013.
The Naked Sun:

The Naked Sun formed in 2011 when the members were posting on Craigslist to find other local musicians. While what they found wasn’t what they had gone in search of, it was a promising new band with a classic sound. Add in a reference to classic sci fi lit, and I’m one happy clam.
Frontman and songwriter Drew Harris has the voice of a young Boss, and social consciousness of a more mature Springsteen, with notes of John Denver at times. As appropriate to a group named after an Asimov novel, The Naked Sun tries to encourage free thinking over group-think,
and engagement in social discourse. Space, Place, and Time is their debut album.

Cosmic Winds begins in a very mellow, whispery mood with some gusts and bursts, before picking up speed and taking off. The drum line is solid and skillfully executed, complementing the guitar and vocals beyond well. About halfway through, an addition of baying and almost-
yodels pulls interest back to the song at hand, before throwing in a bit of an edge in the harmonies. The following eighties-easy-rock beginning gives way to tambourine and biting electric guitar- not nerve wracking, just slightly dissonant in a unique combination that works
really well. Debbie Deist has almost carnival sounding parts mixed in with harsh riffs for something quite extra-ordinary. Fatigue begins with some snare and a march-like quickness, and what sounds like a classic tinny Shure microphone, and evolves over the course of the song
through power-ballad to calm moments and back again, ending very differently, but just as good, as it began. Finally, we hear a rustic Denver-like singer over low guitar drones highlighted by keyboard play. While this diamond is a bit rough, those little differences from the expectation
just give it more character (this said by a girl whose prized gem is a loose Herkimer diamond, so I might be biased).

Look for good things from The Naked Sun, and enjoy their current EP for the moment. Like our own closest star, I doubt that this one will burn out any time soon.

Personnel: Drew Harris (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Eric Budesa (bass), Tim Campbell (guitar, keyboard), Dave Gladney (drums)

Tracks: Cosmic Winds, Debbie Deist, Fatigue, Rough Diamond

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