Free Music Friday! Broken Fences

I love Free Music Fridays! Nothing makes me happier than talking about music I love and then getting to tell you that you can have it…for FREE. This week, we’re featuring Broken Fences, a folk duo from our backyard of Pittsburgh, PA. These guys have some chops, both in songwriting and music. Here’s what I had to say in my review in October of last year: “It’s really hard to try and describe a band like Broken Fences, that feels at once both familiar and different. This is partly because they do so many different things on the album, from songs that sound like Dido (thanks to Morgan Erina’s beautiful vocals) to songs that sound like Jack Johnson to songs that like hymns. It’s minimalist, usually featuring a guitar and a piano and incredible harmonies, but it’s also full, of sound and meaning and emotion. It’s a rock solid debut with a few stand out tracks.”

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