Free Music Fridays! The Oh Hellos, The Civil Wars, Trouvere

The Oh Hellos

First up on Free Music Friday! is The Oh Hellos. Greg did a great review of their album here and also named this album #3 on his albums of the year list last year. This is an awesome chance to get some incredible free music.

The Civil Wars

If you don’t know The Civil Wars, shut up. Actually, just click right down there and go download a free live album of the band formerly/currently/potentially futurely known as The Civil Wars. It’s got 10 tracks including some you know and some you don’t, so take this opportunity to get some more free awesome music.


Trouvere submitted their music to us not long ago and it’s really good catchy folk-pop music. Think something similar to She and Him, but with a more mainstream female vocalist. If you don’t like She and Him because of Zooey Deschanel’s unique voice, first shame on you, second check out Trouvere.

Everything you need to know, here:

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