Artist Interview: Tim the Lion Tamer (with reader participation!)

This is a re-run of an interview we did a while ago.  We’ve decided to run it again with a new feature.  We’re doing a FOLLOW UP INTERVIEW with Tim in the coming days.  So ask questions in the comments and we’ll pick the ones we like to ask Tim in our next interview.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

How long have you been playing and how did you get your start in music?
I borrowed this old, squeaky guitar from my grandfather when I was fourteen or fifteen I think, and I taught myself how to play some songs. I sat in my tiny boy room for years after that, doing covers and just learning things without any actual agenda. I always wanted to be a writer instead of a singer, so there was never any desire for me to take it further. I just enjoyed writing stuff, and then I discovered that I enjoyed putting music to that stuff aswell. I played in a band for a couple of months just for kicks, but then they kinda sacked me, and I felt that I was pretty much done with music. Ready to put it behind me, atleast. Then a friend of mine, Per Rosqvist, talked about jamming together (he plays upright bass on some of my songs) and it turned out to be awesome. I started posting videos on Youtube and got great feedback from the good people that saw them. That whole thing made me want to go up on stages and perform, so I did that aswell.
How do you characterize your sound?
That’s kinda hard for me to say. I guess I’m just trying to write honest songs and to be honest when I sing them, hoping that honesty will shine through and reach whoever is listening. Wow, that sounded ridiculous.
Where do you draw your inspiration when you write music?
I’m not really a hiking, canoe paddling, tree cutting, cabin building kind of guy, but I do enjoy nature in my own way and I get a lot of inspiration from it. I live in southern Sweden, in a safe but dull little suburban community where everything is uninspired and just kind of… beige, I guess. Less than a mile away, there’s a larger, more vibrant city, but with lots of gang violence and death shootings happening every other week. And in between, there’s just this kind of no man’s land; open spaces and misty meadows and dark forests and lonely houses on hilltops. That kind of contrast never fails to spark something in me, wheather it’s a sentence, a word or just a rhythm.
What are your current projects? Do you plan on touring in the US?
I’m currently recording what will be my debut EP. I don’t have a strict schedule or anything, I’m just trying to get a few hours of studio time when I can. It’s a slow process, so I’ve been doing some live gigs every now and then just to keep me from exploding. The release will occur sometime during the spring, I hope. Touring in the US would be awesome if I could only afford it. I wouldn’t rule it out completely though.

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