EP Roundup: Fiction Family, Robinson

First things first: all of these EPs are free on Noisetrade right now (see embedded downloaders below).

Fiction Family is the brainchild and musical outlet of Jon Foreman, the frontman from Switchfoot, and Sean Watkins, former guitarist and vocalist of Nickel Creek. It’s an interesting pairing that works remarkably well. This EP, Holiday EP, is very loosely a holiday EP (there’s one song called “I Don’t Need No Santa Clause” that is a good Christmas themed love song). What this band is about is an incredible duo of talented musicians and songwriters writing emotional songs and finding the perfect music to accompany those stories. “Don’t Say You Love Me” is a bitter song, one about the end of love and lopsided feelings that bring it about. The acoustic “Up Against the Wall” is a story about the endless complications of love and laments that “our love is a puzzle that can’t be solved.”

Perhaps the reason to download this FREE EP is the song “Damaged”. While it’s a short song, it’s one of the most honest songs I’ve ever heard. It’s a love song of sorts, a confession and strikingly transparent song about what people try to hide. “Read the inside and you’ll find some rotten boards,/ so I paint the outside with only major chords,/ and I won’t lie but I’ll hide things in the basement down below,/ because I’m damaged and I don’t want you to know.” It’s both honest and charming, to care enough about someone that you’re worried about scaring them away.

Next up is Robinson, a short, three song EP entitled Fits and Starts. The indie folk band from Nashville has a sound that resembles Iron and Wine, but with a fuller sound and a deep voice without a hint of falsetto. The combination of these two qualities leads to an collection of tracks that sound comfortable and unique, one that fits perfectly for a drive in the car or sitting down for a few minutes to relax. “Sidewalk Reunion” is a slowly building folk song that sings of a lover who claims to forget. The other songs make you almost cry out for a full length album. “You Came to Me” and “I’ll Be Fine” are both very honest songs about difficult moments in life, ones that can put you in the shoes of the writer and have found the music to make you feel the right things, almost without hearing the words. Robinson is currently playing with a favorite of ours, Seryn, so look for them and look for much more from Robinson.

Below is a really cool video of the guys handing out free EP’s to their song “You Came To Me”.

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