Youtube Gems: Gangstagrass

Anyone familiar with the incredible FX show, “Justified”, will be familiar with Gangstagrass, the uniquely awesome bluegrass/rap hybrid. If you haven’t watched Justified, go watch it RIGHT NOW and then go download the awesomely titled “Rappalachia” album. This first song is the most melodic and best song on the album, “Gunslingin’ Rambler.”

This second song, “Dollar Boss”, is a really unique and politically charged song. It’s sung by two African American guys who clearly see the parallels between the slavery of the 19th century and the social injustice of the 21st. With lyrics like “Everybody had a job, no unemployment,/ so you could have job and still be exploited” and “Just tryin’ to pay my bills,/ But it still feels like I’m picking cotton,” this song is an incredibly intimate look at the psyche of a culture and a scathing condemnation of our current social and economic inequality.

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