Quick Hits: The Last Bison, The Vespers

Today, we’ve got a couple mini reviews for you of two religiously inspired bands. Now, fair warning, religious music is not my favorite. It tends to be somewhere between irrelevant and offensive on my list, but these two bands, if nothing else, are unique and have made music that, without the lyrics, is noteworthy.

The recently renamed The Last Bison is a great example of awesome instrumentation and great lyrics. They only have a couple songs that are overtly Christian in nature, but even on those songs that music is phenomenal. If you’re not a lyrics person, then this music is the kind of thing that you’ve probably been searching for. “Forks and Knives” sounds like a B-side from a Fleet Foxes album and “Switzerland” is an incredible track to kick off an album.

Here’s a version of the musically incredible “Quill”, one of the more intentionally religious songs on the album.


Quill-03.19.2011 House Concert from The Last Bison on Vimeo.

The Vespers are a four piece bluegrass outfit from Nashville, featuring 2 sisters with incredible voices and two gentlemen with some serious instrumental chops. The band makes music that is much bigger and more impressive than a group of 19-22 year olds should be able to produce. The vocals are spot on, the instruments are perfectly balanced, and, if you’re into Christian music, this is an incredibly different take on traditional Christian music. “Grinnin’ In Your Face” and “Got No Friends” are the perfect examples of the power that this band is able to produce. Here’s “Got No Friends”, a video done live in Battery Park in NYC.

And here’s “Grinnin’ In Your Face.”



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