Three outstanding new Alt Country tunes you’ll want for this weekend

Olivia James – “Bad Days”
-If you’re a fan of emotionally driven, real music, then you’ll find a lot to like from this outstanding alt country track from Olivia James. What, exactly, makes a song alt country? This. This song. It’s got the storytelling of country music complete with a relatable emotional tug, yet you’d never hear this one country music radio today. That’s alt. This song feels a lot more like what classic country is about rather than what is popular today and BOY am I glad! Everything from the bluesy spirit to the exceptional harmonica work all makes this a standout track. James sings with a charming, endearing style that helps to convey the emotional heaviness of the bad days she’s enduring. This is an excellent song.

Noah Derksen – “Through It All”
-I swear I’ve heard this song before. Heck, I might have even shared it before. But you know what? I’m still covering it here because it’s just so good. The phrasing on the line about the “cost of living” on the “long and winding road” shows a level of songwriting that we rarely hear. The message, the execution, and the whole sound is outstanding. “Still you’re the one I love through it all.” Amen to that. As someone who has been married for 18 years, this song is relatable on a deeply personal level. Derksen sings as if each line conveys a deep, meaningful truth. The sincerity and depth of this style reminds me of site favorites Matthew Mayfield and David Ramirez. I’m glad to consider Noah Derksen in that company.

Riley Catherall – “Lucky Ones”
-If you’ve been around my writing lately, you’ll recognize the name Riley Catherall. The sound is one that resonates with me personally; elements of classic country and folk music work together to create a great sound. The lyrical vibe is easy to follow and access, which definitely works. I appreciate the sincerity in the line, “would you mind if I lose myself tonight?” I’ve been there and can relate for sure. The quality on the acoustic guitar does a nice job of providing space for the narrative lead vocal. The full band sets a nice, easy going style for the song and the vocal harmonies create that mid-70s folksy rock sound that works really well. This is just the right kind of genre mix and I’m happy to support this tune from the rising star Riley Catherall.

Image Courtesy: Riley Catherall IG

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