Three captivating folk tunes we discovered to make your summer sweeter

Shallow Alcove – “Waiting for the Tulips”
-Everything about this track wins my heart; the endearing vocal, the subtle instrumentation, and the gentleness of the vocal harmonies are all just wonderfully well done. If you’ve been around my writing for a while, you know I’m a sucker for the Dodie Clark and Lizzy McAlpine style of singer songwriter folk music that is popular right now; Shallow Alcove are certainly in that company. This beautiful, delicate song has some exceptional chord changes that I absolutely love. The lyrics are about patience and appreciating beauty. It’s also one of the most cathartic, peaceful songs I’ve heard all year.

Rachel Gore – “Cicadas (Solstice Version)”
-I’ve probably made this comparison before, but something about Rachel Gore’s sound reminds me of everything I love about Andrea von Kampen. There’s a peaceful, beautiful acoustic style to the guitar that creates the perfect base for the delicate vocal work. Gore sings with a softness that’s really challenging to get right, but she does it well. The natural imagery of the cicada song in the background resonates with anyone who is familiar with the insects. The relatable lyrical style is about appreciating the simple things regardless of what other friends may be up to in busier, wilder places. As someone who grew up in a rural area, I can connect with this song in many ways. It’s great.

Chamberlain/Gonzalez – “Light Weight”
-The acoustic guitar work on this track is worth following alone, but I’ll be honest the rest of the song is excellent as well. There’s a real James Taylor vibe happening here and I definitely support it. I like how the acoustic guitar feels like a third vocalist in the mix. The easy going rhythm of the track allows the listener to lean into the style. It’s a lot of fun and quite engaging, like something that could captivate an audience in person or be on in the background to the chillest hang ever. This is the kind of music I mean when I tell people I listen to “folk music.” Exceptional work! Super happy to support it here.

Image courtesy: Rachel Gore IG

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