Three dynamic folk tracks that are summer playlist ready!

Alex Flovent – “Don’t Wait for Summer”
-This track has a ton of energy right from the start; it’s the kind of dramatic song that’s sure to stand out from the crowd for a lot of listeners. The lead vocal is strong, putting me a bit in the mind of a Coldplay style of pop rock-meets-folk energy. The expressive dynamics from section to section in the song makes it feel more cinematic than you might expect. The lyrics are about seizing your opportunity and not waiting for the perfect situation; it’s a great song with a chorus that will have you singing along.

Michelle Jia – “Last Chance Camp”
-If acoustic folk is your jam, this site is the right place to be. This track has a beautiful melody, exceptional guitar work, and a full production that works perfectly for the mood of the track. It has shades of classic folk music that carry the song into the present day. The delicate vocal harmonies allow the listener to feel a genuine warmth; it’s like walking into a coffeeshop or book store and feeling those calming vibes. The song holds an energy that is “sweet and true,” like some of the lyrics indicate. This is a timeless sound and I really hope people will give it a spin. I’ve thought many times about reprising our old “Artful Folk” playlist, and if I were to do that, this song would be the first add; it’s beautiful.

Camille Schmidt – “Red and Blue”
-If you’re looking for an engaging folk song that will really pull you in, click play on this one. Schmidt writes with some of the most dynamic lyrics I’ve heard all year. And I’ll tell you what; the opening lines are good, but when the vocal harmonies enter the track goes from good to great. There’s a “color outside the lines” vibe to this song that makes it feel like it does not care about genre conventions and that’s precisely what makes it work so well. It’s a heartache song, a break up song, a broken heart song, and a “getting on with it” song. It’s incredibly well done and unlike anything you’ve ever heard before, I guarantee it. Spin it and see. I bet you’ll like it.

Image courtesy: Camille Schmidt IG

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