Three acoustic indie folk songs that keep a classic genre alive

Caleb Hearn – “If It Wasn’t For You”
-I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to this song. There’s something about the sincerity in the lyrical buildup that feels deeply moving to me. The acoustic guitar sets the mood, but the heartfelt vocal moves it from good to exceptional. It’s fundamentally a heartache song and the expressive guitar and vocal combine to convey a powerful message. As the track builds from acoustic to a full band sound, the emotional mood rises as well. It’s very well produced and we’re happy to support it.

John Irizarry – “City Morning”
-When I tell people I listen to folk music, this is the kind of music I mean. It’s a fella and his guitar, singing about the life of common people. Irizarry does a nice job of telling a story that makes the listener lean in while smiling; it’s got an ordinary beauty to it like one might get with John Prine or Blaze Foley. The slow development of the lyrical concept resonates deeply and personally as I listen. The message is worth your time, so sit back and stay ’til the end. Thank old John when you get there; he’ll be waiting for you.

Jordy Searcy – “Getaway Car”
-If you’ve ever thought about just running away from ordinary life, this song is for you. It’s a different sort of folk music, leaning heavily toward pop music. That said the folk energy is at the core of the song with a great narrative and some hook-filled lines, including a great transition from the verse to the chorus. If you’re a fan of Ben Rector (and we love him around here), then this is definitely a song for you. Give it a chance and you’ll be feeling the Pacific winds that Searcy sings about here. It’s a feel good tune with just the right amount of light hearted, dreamy energy for a song about escaping the challenges of life.

Image courtesy: Caleb Hearn IG

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