Three new takes on an old genre; Americana done right

William Wallace – “Closer by the Firelight”
-From the first time I clicked play on this song, I found myself engaged with every element. The acoustic guitar is great, the vocal feels familiar, and the lyrics are complex, making me listen closely every time. If you’ve ever sat around a fire with friends, this song is for you. The subtle fiddle work on this one makes it feel even more timeless and engaging. It’s ultimately a song about the passage of time and how our perspectives change as we age. It’s a great tune with a relatable image on the chorus and a cathartic melodic structure that’s right at home with a lot of Americana today.

Lua Flora – “Diagnostics”
-If you’re looking for a soaring, accessible vocal, look no further than this fantastic track from Lua Flora. The solo vocal is really good, but the vocal harmonies are OUTSTANDING. The lyrics talk about celebrating sobriety then starting over, drowning in the deep end, and other images that are far too relatable too a lot of people. But it’s ultimately about starting over, back at the beginning, trying to find who you are as a new person. “Starting over and getting older, been eight years now of one day being sober.” Amen and Amen. It’s odd because I’ve never met this band or the songwriter, but I certainly feel a camaraderie and connection with them. I love the juxtaposition between the beauty in the harmonies with the coarse, abrupt, engaging language. It’s really powerful.

Admiral Radio – “Colorado”
-I appreciate the expressive acoustic guitar work here as it leads into a vocal that has that sweet spot of lonesomeness to it. The message of getting “out of this rat race” rings far too true for my own life. I’m sure a lot of listeners will feel a connection here as well. “Take me back down the Colorado…” It’s a story about getting back to your roots. I appreciate the quality of the songwriting, vocal performance, and overall message of the song. As a child of the Ohio River, I certainly can relate to the imagery here and appreciate it more than I can put into words. This is a hidden gem.

Image courtesy: Lua Flora IG

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