Three acoustic folk tracks with subtle, contemplative energy

Bree Rusev – “Finish Line”
-There’s a sweetness to this track that makes it stand out from the crowd immediately. We’ve featured Bree Rusev in the past, so it’s easy to hear why we were excited to have her back. The captivating acoustic style provides a base for the impressive vocals to steal the day. The overall mood of the track is contemplative and unrushed, yet mixes well with the lyrical message about the significance of perseverance. For those of us struggle with our races, who don’t have a straight run to the finish line, this song is both an inspiration and a reminder that we are not alone. I adore this one.

W.Y. Huang – “Living With Ghosts”
-The understated acoustic style of this song pulled me in right from first listen. The combination of the acoustic guitar and the piano makes for a beautiful sound; the production mix on the vocal is also outstanding, making the listener feel like they’re sitting in the same room as the performance. It’s a really well produced song with a beautiful, tender energy to it. The lyrics will make you think about the pain of the past while the optimism in the interpretation gives hope for the future. It’s a song about moving on… and it works really well here.

Bjorn – “Where’s There’s Joy We Remain the Same”
-If you’re looking for a relaxing acoustic style, give this track a spin. The lyrics have a mature style to them, encouraging the listener to contemplate common ground. The melody evolves with a cathartic pace that invites listeners to connect with the emotional core of the song. The acoustic guitar creates a soft, endearing sway that helps the lyrical message go down smooth. This one has romance all over it.

Image courtesy: Bree Rusev IG

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