Three indie pop tracks that will surprise you with how much they stand out from the crowd

Graham Mitchell – “A Beating Soul”
-If you’re looking for an up tempo pop song that’s right on the line between indie pop and indie rock, definitely add this one to your playlist. I love the unconventional chord changes on the chorus. It’s the kind of song that channels influences like the Beach Boys in equal parts with a sort of theatricality like you might hear from Andrew Lloyd Webber. It’s hard to put into words, so you’ll just have to click play and take this sonic adventure. The lyrics toy with some timeless spiritual elements that are sure to resonate with sophisticated listeners.

FINICK – “Captain Tory”
-I know what you’re thinking – sea shanties are so 18th century – but no, really, this is an amazing new song. The delicate color balance on this song is absolutely stunning. The beat invites listeners to connect with the rhythm of the sailing… or at very least the dancing. But easily my favorite part of the song is the sweetness of the lead vocal. There’s a clarity and precision in the vocal delivery that is not easy to do, especially with a complex melody like this. It’s indie pop and indie folk at the absolute highest level and I am super pleased to be featuring it here.

Frankie Bird – “23”
-I have been a sucker for “a girl and her guitar” for my whole life. This song has an emotional message that you might think wouldn’t resonate with a 40 year old man, but here we are… my heart in my throat as I try to come up with the right words to say about this song moving me. That sentiment, “don’t tell me it was all in my head” is something that supersedes individual experience. The gentleness and accessibility of the vocal makes this a great song in the opening, but let me just tell you that once you hit the orchestral break this song goes from good to stunning. Chills. Seriously chills.

Image courtesy: Frankie Bird IG

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