Three dynamic folk rock tracks to kick the week off right

Ian MacGinnis – “Walking in the Dark”
-“Baby I’m stumblin’ I don’t know why… you’re the one I run to every time.” Well, if that ain’t a classic rock line, I don’t know what it is. “When you have my heart it’s like I’m walking in the dark.” The lyrics here are great and the bluesy energy of the song is outstanding. The whole composition feels like something you could hear on Austin City Limits from an accomplished career musician. There’s a sophistication to the sound that we rarely hear in Americana these days, so I’m happy to feature it here. Fans of blues singer songwriters should put this one on repeat.

Lara Taska – “Barren Lands”
-There’s a cool, expressive style coming from the acoustic guitar on this song that sets the mood right away. The subtle effects on the vocal make this one communicate an air of gentleness and sweetness. The easy going lyrical vibe invites the listener to lean in and feel the emotions of the moment. The crooning style of the chorus is easily my favorite part. I don’t often quote the PR copy, but in this case they describe the music as “deep simplicity” and I couldn’t love that juxtaposition more. This is a gem and is going to be a great fit for a lot of the regular readers of this site.

Glenn Thomas – “Between a Steeple and a Satellite”
-From the first time I clicked play on this song, I felt like I was hearing from an old friend. Thomas manages to remind me a little of both Rusty Clanton and Tom Evanchuck, a few of my favorites in the folk and Americana world. There’s a complexity to the lyrics here that make it stand out from the crowd. The instrumentation is outstanding, creating a full band sound that fills the room, yet you can tell it would translate well as an acoustic solo track as well. This is a thoughtful tune with a moving energy that’s sure to connect with a lot of listeners.

Image courtesy: Lara Taska IG

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