Three outstanding new folk songs, including the impossibly talented Lily Kershaw

Lily Kershaw – “Americandream”
-Every time I’ve listened to this song, I’ve had that feeling where it slowed my breathing and made me listen close. I don’t really understand the physiology of something like that, but it is a remarkable feeling. The tenderness in Kershaw’s vocal, especially on the harmonies, make this an exceptionally good track. There’s something to the quality of Kershaw’s vocal that makes the sound feel mature and captivating. The lyrics, though, are a whole new level. It’s social commentary that is well worth your time. How often do you get to hear gorgeous music with such a meaningful message? Not often. Thank you, Ms. Kershaw.

Jed and the Valentine – “Mineral”
-I’m not going to bury the lede here; I already put this track on the song of the year candidate list. Why? Well, click play and you’ll quickly hear why. It’s fantastic. The horns in the opening are outstanding. The mood of the track is both mysterious and celebratory. It’s got a Head and the Heart vibe at times, while also feeling like something all its own. But I’ll tell you what; as good as the vocal harmonies are, the soaring horns throughout the track definitely steal the show for me. What a jam!

Specific Coast – “The You In Me”
-I’ve always been a sucker for a good narrative acoustic folk song. This track pulls me in right from the opening, creating a comfortable acoustic style. Each line has a simple declarative concept that allows the listener to follow the meaning of the track. I’m not certain the lyrical theme here, but it seems like it’s about going through life with a loved one sharing in the simple and complex moments along the way. The reminder to “count the stars” seems to be there to keep ourselves grounded and in perspective. I like the blending of the pragmatic and the spiritual; this is a cool track.

Image courtesy: Lily Kershaw IG

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